A Utility room, waste storage unit

Our utility room is a mess of different bins for recycling, general waste, dog biscuits and chicken feed. This unit will attempt to resolve that. I wanted a unit that fits under our countertop, handles all the "bins" we need and is in keeping with the other units we have. Everything else is a gloss white finish, so the plan is to find a finishing technique that, although may not match exactly, is close enough.

I've built a plan in Sketchup and will provide a cut-list and materials list when I have finished the project, in case anything changes.

As you can see from the model to the left, there are three main bins; General Waste, Recycling and Dog biscuits. The two smaller ones are for chicken feed and chicken corn. 

There is still more work to do on the design, so this page will get updated as I go. There'll be a series of build videos to accompany this as I start to make it.

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